Thursday, August 30, 2007

Land of Schnitzel

Wels .. Austria

Fuegotory in Wels.. what it isssss!

Fuego reporting live from a small city in Austria called Wels... I'm out here working on an album for Day Diz then i'll bounce out to Berlin, London and a couple other places..

Wels is pretty laid back. Kinda a surreal environment to be working on an hip hop album.. you know when you see bands or artists get away to a remote island or whatever to have a fresh environment to work in? thats what this feels like for me. Hot girls, hot weather and a studio. I dont understand a fuckin word but im cruising bra.

AMG is errwhere ya heard..

Theres alotta Gelato places here .. every corner theres another Gelato joint .. I realise eating an ice cream in public aint the most gangsta thing to do but I'm Fuegotory (read the "Truck" credits) so fuck you, my street cred stays intact ya diiggg

brim high. tiramisu is the bizness

i'll hit y'all with my Vienna blog soon.. til' then .. is that right beeeezy?!?
Easy, FUEGO.

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