Tuesday, October 02, 2007


In quite an annoying move, somewhat similar to our MySpace debacle earlier in the year, YouTube have permanently suspended the Affinity Music TV channel due to
"copyright violation". But we all know that YouTube found out too many people were having fun and subsequently took the ball and went home.

Earlier in the year, Viacom decided that the now infamous Jeezy/Akon remix needed shutting down after it hit the 100,000 view mark. Same thing then happened with most of the subsequent remixes once they hit 100k. YouTube sat up and took notice, and now the channel is offline.

Im not happy about it at all, but the fact is, what we were doing with those remixes wasn't exactly above board, so we cant be too surprised or pissed off.

So this is why our video section to the right here isnt as fruitful as it should be but stay tuned for a brand new stealth mode channel, in multiple formats in the coming weeks, ya dig.

In the meantime, thanks to the channel, we get a lot of requests for the mp3's of the YouTube remixes, so check them all out right here

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