Monday, March 24, 2008


Sales In / Radio's On
is a new weekly feature we're going to be doing here.We'll basically just be looking at US/UK/AUST Sales & Radio charts each week, and providing commentary and predictions on the newest records. I'm yet to find a one stop blog that provides all the information I check for every Monday morning, so I figure I'll do it myself ya dig.. ENJOY!

BillBoard Album Charts - March 24th, 08 - FINAL

Bad Boy’s Danity Kane, will debut at #1 with a total that could go as high as 290k, and will be at least 270k. debuted with 253k. The second highest debut of the year behind Jack Johnson's 380k. This is definitely a testament to the strength of TV. It makes me happy to see a solid album selling well like this.

Atlantic’s Flo Rida is the week’s other Top 10 newcomer, landing at #3 with 85k.

Rick Ross, Trilla, finished up at #4 with 83k and abit.

Geffen’s Ego Trippin' Snoop Dogg #9, just shy of 54k.


US Rhythmic Radio - March 24th, 08.

I think the main note here is Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" which impacted radio properly this week landing at #34 with a gainer of 661, up from #69 last week. This joint is clearly tailored towards radio and with MTV throwing the video into the big 10, I'm predicting we'll see it within the Rhythmic top 10 come May 1st.

Ushers "Love In This Club" will be #1 next week knocking off the super safe "With You" while Ray J, 2 Pistols, Mariah look to fill the top 5.

On the creep into power territory is Colby O'Donis/Akon, Shawty Lo & Flo Rida's new Timbo joint.


Just quickly on the Australian Singles Chart, Mr G - Naughty Girl is currently sitting at #9, down from #7 last week. Bang!

Back next week with more chart goodness.

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