Wednesday, April 02, 2008


This dude is a total herb but what he's found in this video is hilarious. Tricky used GarageBand loops for "Umbrella" also..

Sales are in and as predicted by one day sales over at, Bad Boys Day26 debut at number 1 (198,945) to give Diddy two #1 albums back to back, powered by his reality tv series Making The Band.

Danity Kane slipped back to #4 now with a total of 337K and some change. Depending on their second single I expect to see this just crossing the platinum mark before the years out.

For the rest of em: Rick Ross #6 (46k), FloRida #10 (29k), Gnarles Barkely #12 (28k) with a strange move from up from #20 but a sales decrease of -7% ... I think these guys are really suffering from the state of the music industry. They'll be lucky to reach 150k unless they pull out another "Crazy", hmm.

Moving along to some random things that have been brought to my attention this past week .. FloRida has two Top 20 singles in the Hot100!?! but his album is struggling with minuscule numbers.. If that ain't a testament to the consumers disinterest and view on full albums, I don't know what is. Weezy experience's his first solo Top 10 single ever, which jumped like a billion spots in the week (#85 to #9), on the road to #1. Ray J is at #3 with possibly the biggest shit sandwhich of a song this year.. I still don't understand this at all?

Rhythmic Radio - April 1st, 08.

As I predicted "Lollipop" is being added like crazy with somewhat of a 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' mentality from radio programmers. I bet there were programmers who were like "this is crap, we're not playing this" but then realised if they didn't have it in their rotation they'd be the only ones without it so theres been a frenzy of adding over the past week. In fact the highest I've seen this year at Rhythmic. "Lollipop" moved from #28 - #15 with 1551 more spins, so if this continues we'll see it in the top 10 next week, easy.

Usher's at #1 with his infectious Polow joint "Love In This Club". It'll most likely stay here for a couple more weeks. I can't see Ray J or Mariah pushing him out, especially since both songs are super safe doo doo.

I think Rick Ross & TPain's "Boss" is gonna be a creeper and stick around. Its just moved up to #18 with a gainer of 500. Definitely has some life IMO.

Nelly's horrible new joint with Fergie has just impacted with a decent gainer (400) but I really don't see it being a big hit. Nelly needs to switch his style up otherwise he's in for a rude shock when it comes to first week album sales.

I should prolly get back to making music rather than studying it! back with more next week. One.

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