Monday, May 12, 2008


Plies ft Ne-Yo - Bust It Baby Pt 2

My apologies to those of you who check the blog regularly and follow my "Sales In / Radios On" posts, I have been slacking as of late. Aside from nothing major going down, I've just been generally busy.. But I'm back now, yay.

Random stuff first:

I want to talk about Madonna's dope yet critically bashed album and but I'll leave that for its own post. Did anyone see Lil Mama's debut album Voice of the Young People dropped last week, debuting at #25 with around 19k sales? This is particularly awful considering Lil Mama has had two relatively big singles ("Lip Gloss" & "Shawty Get Loose") and has been promoted fairly well. I guess ain't no one want to hear 12 + songs of Lil Mama. Its not a great album.

Also, before I jump into billboard & radio talk I just wanna congratulate Bliss N Eso on their #10 debut on the ARIA Album Chart. Its been a long time coming. Their album Flying Colours is currently sitting at #33 this week.

There really isn't much to talk about in the way of sales this week so I'll skip that shit and move onto Rhythmic Radio where Plies/NeYo's "Bust It Baby Pt 2" is clearly on its way to #1. Up this week to #7 with a +672 in spins. I like Plies, he has a very descriptive and incorrect way of speaking about his relations with girls in his music, its always hilarious and intriguing, especially knowing its being played on commercial radio.

Rick Ross' "Boss" is also making its move up towards the top spot this week moving to the #5 position up 366 spins. I'm guessing it'll burn out within the next 2 weeks and peak at around #3 but its a dope song and I'm glad a song with some balls is in the top 10.

As Mariah Carey's god-awful "Touch My Body" finishes its run, her new single "Bye Bye" (Johnta Austin/Stargate) looks like it has a clear path to the top. This week at #14, up 505 spins. I'm curious to know if Mariah and JD purposefully aimed at making an album that made no musical progression from her last. "Bye Bye" just sounds like an amalgamation of everything from Emancipation of Mimi. In fact everything on E=MC2 sounds like it was made 'safe' in the hope to stretch the album out across the year with 5-6 singles. I call that A&R music.

Usher's "Love In This Club Pt 2" is making strides to the top, this week @ #18 up 625 spins. It'll be interesting if this and the original both share a position in the top 10. Ne-Yo's finally found a single to launch his upcoming album off. "Closer" sits at #17 this week and looks like it'll slowly make its way up and start flying once the video hits all media outlets.

Dream's "I Luv Your Girl" is doing its damn thing. (#23, +445) I hope it sticks around for a while. Dope joint. Still waiting for "Fast Car" or "Nikki" to come out as singles. Even tho dudes album sold poorly, I guarantee he'll have singles that stretch out to the end of this year .. pity that doesn't really translate to album sales any more.

To finish things off, Nelly & Fergie's awful "Party People" is performing ok at radio but seems to have already dropped off on the Billboard 100 and is struggling to do anything. Will Universal continue to poor money into this project and release Nelly's album off the back of this? or will he get pushed back indefinitely like Nicole S? I get the feeling Universal thought Nelly would be one of their bread winners this year, going by his success in the past. I've been saying the only way for Nelly to succeed this time around is to change up the format, go back to the melodic sing/song 'almost r&b' fun-party records, add some Antares Auto-Tune to keep it current, possibly have T-Pain or Akon pen the track and he's got a winner. This bullshit he's putting out ain't cutting it.

Iight thats it for me, I'm ghost. oh BTW, whoever is responsible for leaking the records I've done for the Terrell King album (Alive, Last Chance), y'all are killing me. The feedback has been crazy but that shit is UNMIXED/UNMASTERED! Chill out on that shit. I'll also make a seperate post addressing this soon.

Be easy.

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