Monday, June 23, 2008


Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up

I might be reaching on this but I think Pussycat Dolls new single "When I Grow Up" shares a slight resemblance to The Presets "My People". That four note vocal progression that runs through both songs is the main reason I say this, granted the timing and key is different. With that aside, this Darkchild produced / Rock City penned joint bangs and my eyes thank me for watching the video. Whats good, Nicole Fuego!

When I Grow Up jumped from 42 to 29 this week at Top40 radio, so with movement like that I'd expect to see it find a top 10 position some time in July.

Jesse McCartney's Tricky Stewart/The Dream hit "Leavin'" is sitting @ #3 just under Rihanna's cookie cutter "Take A Bow" which now looks like it will take the #1 position as Leona's "Bleeding Love" finally starts to fall off. Katy Perrys "I Kissed A Girl" might even gain enough steam to catch Rihanna but not for a few weeks at least. I know the Def Jam boss, LA Reid, is doing his thing over there successfully making Rihanna the biggest female pop artist in the world right now, but please don't fall into the JD/Mariah Carey formula with safe unimaginative singles like "Take A Bow". Good Girl Gone Bad was a fantastic forward thinking album. I can think of a few superior songs left to release as singles, "Rehab", "Breaking Dishes" ?!? anyone ?! Rihanna can put out whatever now and its a hit. She's there.

On to Rhythmic radio, can Lil Wayne achieve five top 20 hits simultaneously? Kinda looks like it if Lloyds "Girls Around The World" continues to move up, currently at #22. Weezy also has #1 "Lollipop", #13 "Love In This Club (Remix)", #17 "Got Money", #21 "A Milli". All of these songs share similar sales positions on the Billboard Hot100, plus a couple other Weezy joints. With this kind of presence I'm not surprised at his 1 mill first week.

Plies "Bust It Baby Pt.2" is gonna be #1 next week as "Lollipop" starts to fade. His new album Definition of Real is dope. It doesn't push any envelopes or attempt to bring in a new sound, but its sincere and straight to the point. Its gangsta rap as it should be. If there were alot more artists like Plies in Hip Hop right now, I'd probably listen to it more. I know he's technically unsound and doesn't string multi-syllable rhymes together and all that shit but neither did 50 on Get Rich or Die Trying, or 2Pac on All Eyez On Me but it didn't matter. I'm not comparing Definition of Real to either of those classics, but they all share a similar honesty and ignorance.

Coldplay's Viva La Vida will come in at #1 this week with 650-700 first week. They did 302k three days in the UK. So Coldplay sell 1 mill first week too, easy.

Weezy will hold #2 with a -60% and Rihanna's re-release of "Good Girl Gone Bad" will sell another 50k of her album that everyone already has.



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Weez said...

your (sic) better at being a dirty, malcontent, talentless bogan that you are at trying to be a clever anonymous blog commenter.

FUEGO said...

in the words of maino, hi hater!