Friday, July 25, 2008


There's no doubt Lloyd has been rapidly improving since his terrible debut with The Inc. in 2004, thank god.

His sophomore album Street Love was one of my favourite albums last year so of course I'd been waiting for the retail leak of his new album Lessons In Love and it was definitely worth waiting for. Amazing production from Eric Hudson, B.Cox, Polow, J.Lack and his in house go-to guys Big Reese & Jasper. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Note: I'd buy this album if it were released in Australia, but from past experience I have to wait 2-3 mths after US release date. So my question to Universal and other companies trying to 'fight piracy' is: why would I wait 2 months after release when I can have it 2 weeks before release? See Weez's Carter III anticipation post for the almighty solution.

Lloyd - Lessons In Love - August 5, 2008 - The Inc / Universal Motown

Lloyd - Love Making 101 (Produced by Eric Hudson)

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