Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Before Channel 7 get too carried away with all the "we can beat the best team ever assembled" talk, lets take a moment to reflect.

Considering all of the random Olympics that I seem to have watched, and how much interest there has been regarding Team USA and the Boomers in general, it would probably be remiss of me not to mention something about the game tonight. And since the game starts in 45min, I wont say much, but I will say this. Dont let Channel 7 and Andrew Gaze fool you. I think the Boomers are about to be shat on. But at least we will get to see a full game of basketball, barring any Aussie Bronze in the Judo. Or the Equestrian. Its the worst when its the Equestrian.

I had that joint on Cassingle. Jesus that was a long time ago.

One other thing. Fuck Seven! Out!

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