Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I was looking through YouTube's quite limited selection of news reels about the supposed weekend violence invading our fair city of Melbourne (more on why the fk I was doing that later) and I found this straight up blatant bullshit. It's quite old, but there is no better example of racism and fear mongering through our mainstream media, espeically in relation to this supposed Sudanese "problem". Im embarrassed over this shit.

Fuck radio too.

Despite this, I am actually quite pleased today. Thanks to the amazing lack of sleep and hard work from one Weapon X and one Styalz Fuego, the X & Hell album is mastered and done. Its only a matter of time until everyone hears what has been keeping Fuego and I (and obviously the X & Heez) on lockdown over the last 6 months. Hurrah.

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