Sunday, August 24, 2008


So Jodeci, or maybe just K-Ci and Jo-Jo, performed in Sydney over the weekend in their carefully planned one-stop Australian tour, and it just looks like bowls of fun!

At the 1.50 mark, after looking suspiciously woozy throughout the first few numbers, one of them, apparently Jo-Jo, falls to the ground in what looks like an insanely horrible attempt at pretending to pass out. He then continues stay down there for almost a minute while the crowd waits awkwardly, K-Ci performs on, and his own bodyguard walks straight past him without batting an eyelid.

The talk about is that he faked an illness it to get out doing the gig and drink, but as one gifted YouTube commenter - Likdrawz (yes!) i believe, suggested.... "The only illness they had was that they love coke.."



St Flames said...

Wow. This is a special event that we're quite blessed took place on our shores.

He kind of stole that whole thing from Kabba (1200 Techniques) he pulled this sort of stunt in front of a confused DMC Finals crowd back in 98 or 99. He dived off the stage though, laying face down on the metro floor for some time, with a single boxing glove on.

FUEGO said...

cocaine is a hell of a drug

Lokie said...

I know that Likdrawz guy hahahaha.