Tuesday, October 21, 2008


From HitsDailyDouble
XL/Columbia Records U.K. songstress Adele's appearance on this past Saturday night's SNL featuring Sarah Palin, performing her hit single, "Chasing Pavements," scored the program's highest ratings in 14 years, exploding her album to #1 at iTunes. Album sales are already past 150k and, with this boost, should go soaring into the teeth of the holiday buying season.
Not to downplay Adele's appeal or the potential of her song "Chasing Pavements" because it is quite cool, but this is the finest example I've come across of a star being born courtesy of the luck & timing combination.

Adele could have appeared on SNL just a month earlier and her career in the US may have taken a considerably different trajectory. Instead she fell right in the middle of one of the biggest TV moments of the year, going into christmas. Time for the ripple effect.

I should also add, without iTunes this would not be possible. Adele's album 19 was released on July 8th in US debuting at #56 which leads me to believe there wouldn't even be 150,000 physical copies manufactured in the United States.

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