Sunday, October 12, 2008


Frankie J Holden is Det-Insp Max Nelson and he means business.

I was in the Gold Coast a few weeks back visiting my boys and they were joking about Channel 9's new crime drama The Strip, which is shot in the Gold Coast, QLD. I hadn't had a chance to watch an episode until tonight and I am glad I caught it. The acting is so awful at times it makes for pretty good comedy.

I laughed, then cringed and then laughed more at five or so scenes in the one episode, and I'm almost positive they were not intended to be funny. Unlike CSI: Miami, unfortunately there is no Caruso type who churns out one liners but my god I can only imagine how funny this show would be if there were.

If you ever get a chance to watch The Strip, you'll be utterly disappointed but most likely amused. Thursday's 9:30 DST on Channel 9.

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