Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'm sure most people have either had a chance to listen to the new Beyonce album I Am...Sasha Fierce or are aware it is now available to download just about everywhere online.

I listened to the Standard Edition last night front to back and I've got to agree with Maura from Idolator's comments on the ill-sequencing of the disc. Its only 11 songs long but it feels like more, mainly because the album starts with seven ballads before it moves uptempo. Granted one of those ballads is "Halo", the album would have played much better if the up's and down's were amongst each other.

Regardless, the album has enough potential singles to live through-out 2009 and our sequencing sentiments will be entirely and utterly void.

Can someone send me the Dream / Tricky joint "Smash Into You"?

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