Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Call me spoilt, call me a child of the internet, call me a douche for even caring about such things but when I can't find a recently released song or instrumental on the internets when you know it actually exists, its drives me up the fucking wall.

So Ken Hell decides that he would like to rap/sing over The Dream's bananas 07 buzz single Ditch That for a new X & Hell project we are working overtime on at the moment. And, even though there is a 12" vinyl out, even though The Dream's buzz is crazy on the net and even though Ditch That was a popular joint, the instrumental has somehow managed to not find its way online.

So we ordered the vinyl, did the Ken Hell joint, and now I am going to leak this bitch because no one else bothered.


The Dream - Ditch That (Instrumental)

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Monet said...

YO THANK U SO MUCH!! I've been lookin for this one for a minute! PROPS!!