Thursday, November 06, 2008


I was quite excited when one of my favourite TV series, Heroes made its return in August, albeit I was worried the writers strike may have killed the shows momentum. Seven episodes in and it appears I may have been right.

This article on the firing of Heroes original exec-producers echoes my feelings on the once thrilling series exactly:
"Too many characters, too many sideshow acts. Kristen Bell might be a fine actress, but I'm beginning to forget she was ever in Veronica Mars, let alone Deadwood. I know she can act. If she's this bad, it must be the writing.

Nothing against Zachary Quinto, but Sylar died in the first season, didn't he? Now he's popping up more often than Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Then there's Malcolm-McDowell-as-the-evil-bad-dude and Mind-Reader Boy and Speeder-Skater-Girl and too many others to name. Nobody ever dies on Heroes, unless it's the behind-the-scenes producers. They just go away for a while, until the next sweeps month. It's storytelling 101: No dying, no stakes. No stakes, no drama.
As if it wasn't hard enough to tell who's dead and who's alive, now we have to deal with constant flashing back and forward in time. Heroes never paid much attention to its own internal logic. Now, it's hell bent on violating the laws of time and space."
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Heroes is fast becoming the new Prison Break for me, a show that I failed to follow after the second season because of its ludicrous nature. Dania Ramirez was its current saving grace and now she's gone for the time being.

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