Thursday, November 06, 2008


Pic is another Undrcrwn tribute to the man.
Jacked from Eskay's - details to buy the tee here.

Having followed the entire presidential race from the primaries, and indeed taken a keen interest in US politics since I was a kid, yesterday was a totally surreal experience for me. I havent really got the time to write an essay about it, or even say anything much different than what has already been said, but I will remember it for the rest of my life. And although I am realistic in my expectations of what change Barry O can immediately bring to the already fucked up table, the fact that the person occupying the most powerful seat in the world is an intelligent, charmismatic and inspirational figure who has the support of the people, is someone you are excited to hear speak, and when he does speak, it's to you and not at you, is the greatest part to me.

And although some are praising McCain's concession speech, if you read the shit I read about that guy during the week, you would know it was merely the final act of smoke and mirrors to protect whatever mediocre legacy he will leave as a politician.

BTW, I started this post just to inform that The Fader have a fantastic photo/video essay of election night in NYC, with some amazing shots of the people of Fort Greene Brooklyn, Harlem and Times Square, capturing the elated reaction.

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