Thursday, November 13, 2008


As I stupidly sit here and wait for a CDQ Retail rip of 808's & Heartbreak, not content with the shitty quality, tagged versions of a quarter of the tracks that I refuse to get, I again have to ask the music industry why I can't just go and buy this thing tommorrow? You know the leaks are happening, its been going on for a good while, why aren't you pouring the cash you have used to prosecute downloaders into complex stock delivery systems to capitalise on the only thing that makes music fans frenzy (and possibly fork over some moola) like its 1998 - the leak.

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FUEGO said...

i was waiting for your post on this, then i started to think .. i would not buy a DRM locked iTunes release if it were made available before a retail rip made its way online. I'd rather proper CD quality mp3's.

The labels would essentially need to have certain bloggers on their payroll to notify them when a leak is about to happen and launch pop-up websites that sell DRM free mp3's.

One issue though, if this was ever to happen, it'd certainly be restricted to the US. I can't see major's giving up the overhyped theme of a release date, even tho its entirely irrelevant.