Wednesday, December 10, 2008


How AMAZING is this photo?

I occasionally look back fondly at the time when I worshiped DJ Premier and anything the guy did.

With that said though, I guess I was a little different to most heads. While most Primo devotees needed scratched choruses and chopped samples all day, I always had one foot stuck deeply in slick R&B, even back then. So, I used to think those two worlds were colliding in a good way when Mr Martin paired his signature sounds with R&B artists who were lucky enough to have a forward thinking A&R, most
notably two Janet remixes (All For You and Together Again).

Which leads me to this little thing, which, as a 1999 release, pre-dates both those Janet remixes and actually sounds
nothing like Primo at all.

Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count (DJ Premier Mix) (Sharebee)

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