Friday, January 09, 2009


According to Variety Jermaine Dupri is no longer the president of the Urban Division at Island Def Jam. The move is being linked to the 'lack' of push Janet Jackson's album Discipline received from the label. Could JD have been terminated and this is a PR move? One can only speculate but I'd go with the latter considering some of the following:
His time at the helm, though, was notable for several underperformers, specifically Jagged Edge's "Baby Makin' Project," and "Discipline," from Dupri's girlfriend, Janet Jackson, which sold only 428,000 copies.

His ankling puts a question mark on Tag Records, the hip-hop label he oversaw that was a partnership between Island Def Jam and Procter & Gamble's Tag brand. Formed in April, the goal was to showcase Dupri and Tag artists across various Tag brand advertising and marketing initiatives.

The label has released only one single, "On a Mission" by Q Da Kid, which featured Dupri. It has sold only 3,000 downloads.

*Waits for JD's YouTube post addressing this*

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