Sunday, February 22, 2009


I read Drake's interview with Complex last night and it felt like he was almost speaking my thoughts on a few occasions. Its pretty rare to find an artist you can immediately relate to but Drake is that guy, in my opinion.

His reply to the Kanye comparisons is absolutely spot on:
One of the main criticisms of this mixtape is that it sounds like 808’s & Heartbreak lite.

Drake: Right, well, I think any time a rapper sings now, they’re going to say that. Just like whenever a rapper uses Auto-Tune, they say that’s Pain. I’ll put it this way: Kanye West has an amazing mind, but he always has the means that when he thinks something, he can make it happen right away. But I’ve been singing way before 808s and Heartbreak. I wrote all the hooks on every song I’ve done since I did “Replacement Girl” with Trey Songz in 2006. I’ve been in the R&B world for a long time, writing for artists, writing for myself, playing with different sounds and stuff.

So as far as 808s goes, that was a great album, I tip my hat Kanye for making that major release instead of making it a mixtape. But at the same time… people always need something to compare it to. The other thing is, [So Far Gone] is a lot different—it’s real R&B music, that’s why I put Omarion and Lloyd and Trey Songz on there. I’m doing duets with these guys. These are real R&B singers, [and] that’s what I was going for. Kanye was doing something different… I don’t even know how to classify it, I guess he calls it pop art. I love R&B music, man, that’s what you gotta understand, I listen to R&B music more than I listen to rap. That’s kinda my thing. I just want to make genuinely sexy music for women to listen to and for men to play for women.

Read the entire interview HERE.

If you're a lean drinking kind of person you may also need the Chopped & Screwed version of So Far Gone. Get it below:

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