Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I now realise the effort that went into getting that picture definitely wasn't worth it, anyhow congrats to the Smashproof boys who have managed to hold the #1 spot for the 10th week in a row, securing the record for the longest consecutive run at #1 by a New Zealand artist ever.

The second single from Smashproof - "It's Friday" - produced by that rad lad Fuego ... debuts at #19, helping to move Smashproof's album The Weekend up three spots this week to #8.

Further congrats go out to J Williams, who's single "Ghetto Flower" has jumped from #10 to #5 this week. I've heard alot of songs from his forthcoming debut album and its sounding great. Hopefully you'll hear a couple of my joints on there also ;)

To any of our NZ readers, the single version of "It's Friday" is now available on iTunes for purchase!

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