Saturday, May 16, 2009


Malcolm Gladwell, author of the incredible "The Tipping Point", "Blink" and most recently the five-month best selling "Outliers" exchanges a slew of emails (9000 words) with ESPN sports writer Bill Simmons. The topic of the emails is built on the Outliers theory that success isn't as random as you may think, and that outside factors play a greater role than one would expect.

Basically its all sports talk between two uber sports-smart minds, and its fucking brilliant from what I have read so far. (There are three parts)

Hit the link when you have a healthy amount of time on your hands

Oh and if you haven't read "The Tipping Point", do it. That reminds me, Weez I think I still have your copy.


Jon Lim said...

Guys!! I've read all of Gladwell's books. I'll check this out as well. Thanks for that. :)

FUEGO said...

definitely. i'm yet to read outliers, but i may just have to now!