Thursday, May 14, 2009


I might be a bit late on this, I just caught it over at P-Money's blog. The video shows the creative process of "My Love" from production to songwriting to tracking vocals and the songwriting process of "Put It Down".

You get a pretty good idea of how much post production (auto-tune, cutting and pasting & comping) goes into an artist like The-Dream's vocals. Then again, if I shot a video of my creative process, it'd be much the same ... but my shit is strictly demos.

The "Put It Down" session looks dope. Seems like the songwriting on that is pretty much all tongue in cheek, inside jokes and shit. When it comes to "1 hit per hour", you gotta take that with a grain of salt. Maybe the songwriting and basic tracking of vocals took an hour on each song, but so what? No one listens to music and says "this is so good, and its even better because it only took the artist an hour to make"? C'mon now.

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