Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Enter Miike Snow, a classic conception of a few songwriter-producers. Formed in 2007 by Downtown producer Andrew Wyatt (Daniel Merriweather) and Sweden super-producers Bloodshy & Avant (Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie Minogue).

Miike Snow released their debut single "Animal" via RCRD LBL last year, leaving all information about the group a mystery. Now they're gearing up to release their debut album Miike Snow via Downtown on June 12th.

"Animal" has received the remix treatment from a host of big names, including The Crookers, Treasure Fingers, Punks Jump Up and an illusive new Fake Blood remix which I'm having an uber hard time finding?!?!

Like Royksopp's most recent effort, it is well-written and produced Pop music that holds itself to no specific genre. I'm really diggin the album.

I'll leave you with my favourite song from the album and a couple remixes courtesy of RCRD LBL:

Miike Snow - Cult Logic

Miike Snow - Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Passion Pit - The Reeling (Miike Snow Remix)



m0nkeymafia said...

You found it yet?? The fake blood mix? :)

FUEGO said...

no still searching.. it may not exist? haha