Thursday, June 04, 2009


Hits Daily Double wrote this small piece on iTunes and their typically uptight '30 second lofi preview' of songs for sale:

30 SECONDS WON’T CUT IT: The iTunes Store and other online retailers are selling their music short by offering those short, 30-second samples at a lower bit rate than that of the tracks they’re selling, according to a survey conducted by researchers at Robert Morris University. The report concludes that longer, higher-quality samples would make it more likely that consumers would buy—and that’s equally the case with downloads and CDs. The report will be published in the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising.
To add, I'd like to see a survey that studies the patterns of how music buyers use the iTunes Store. Do they go to iTunes for a specific purchase and then decide to browse the other new music linked and recommended? or are they more likely to browse new music from the initial login of the stores front page?

Personally, I'd fall into the former description. I never go to iTunes aimlessly like I used to in record stores. But I DO visit Beatport regularly without intent and I sometimes end up buying random tracks, and I guess its partly because I can preview the ENTIRE song at 128kbps before purchase.

On a related note, X & Hell's new album Million Dollar Sex Party is a great reason to visit the iTunes Store! ;) GET IT HERE

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