Monday, August 10, 2009


Its embarrassing to admit but I have a strange soft spot for high school movies and sitcoms ala 90210, Freaks and Geeks etc... I guess its somewhat similar to my inexplicable love of bad Caribbean pop music.

Now to the point, Francia Raisa (Formerly known as Francia Almandarez) is a 20 year old actress on the new teen sitcom The Secret Life of The American Teenager. As you can see, she is really hot. I'm even considering possibly watching the show now... considering.

I also think its time she left her 34 year old boyfriend, Shane Sparks, if she hasn't done so already.


S. Kertonegoro said...


gametastic said...

i agree with u man like seriously shes the girl that u will drool over i mean she takes the cake shes the cutest actress on A.B.C. Family

gametastic said...

Francia Raisa should be and is one of the top ten hottest actresses today if not number 1.