Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just saw this over at Cratekings. I really appreciate the fact these guys are forward thinking in providing a free download. Excellent stuff.

Heres what Cratekings wrote:

French filmmakers Maxime Giffard and Felix Tissier have created a documentary entitled West Coast Theory, which seeks to shed light on the unique sound and style of West Coast hip-hop.

In addition to artist interviews, the film features extended studio footage and conversations with producers such as DJ Muggs, Jelly Roll, Fredwreck, Will I. Am, DJ Babu, DJ Khaili, Battlecat, DJ Revolution, Easy Mo Bee, Focus, and Rick Rock. There’s even a brief appearance from MPC creator Roger Linn.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The film’s creators have made West Coast Theory available as a legitimate free download using Bit Torrent. Download the torrent or view the movie in its entirety.

Visit West Coast Theory for more info.

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