Monday, May 31, 2010


It's sadly ironic, but these mindless green screen videos they rush filmed before Tunechi went away are the video clip equivalent of the atrocious Rebirth songs they are visually portraying. It's all a giant surreal hot mess.

But you know what? No one cares. Everyone still loves Wayne and always will. Is there another artist of his stature in our generation that can so easily get away with releasing such a widely trashed album and not lose any ground with the mainstream or their fanbase, if anything gained? It's incredible. Musical brain-fart of the decade (Kanye's Heartbreaks looks like The Chronic next to Rebirth) and everyone will eventually (and rightly) forget about it. Then he gets out of Rikers, puts out three amazing tapes and eventually drops The Carter IV, and even your mother buys it.

So to finish, obviously I wasn't that psyched for these Weezy videos MTV were airing this weekend , but I'm not one to knock back a couple of minutes seeing Nicki strut around, lad.

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