Tuesday, February 22, 2011


You've most likely heard Frank Ocean's songwriting on one of your favourite artists songs listed in the credits as Lonny Breaux. Now with a new solo artist deal with producer Tricky Stewart's RedZone Entertainment, Lonny Breaux is Frank Ocean.

Nostalgia/Ultra is forward thinking R&B with incredibly written songs. Think The-Dream's storytelling of "Nikki" or "Love Vs Money" mixed with the 90's pop/rock influenced vocal melodies and off the wall topics of James Fauntleroy topped off with the indie-pop leanings of Drake's "So Far Gone".

Download Frank Ocean - Nostalgia at frankocean.com for free.

"that's a pretty big trunk on my lincoln town car ain't it
big enough to take these broken hearts and put em in it
now i'm driving round on the boulevard trunk bleeding
and everytime the cops pull me over they don't ever see them "

- "Swim Good" - Frank Ocean.

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