Saturday, July 09, 2011


Without sounding like a douche, even though I probably will, quite a few people ask me on the regular for suggestions on new music since I started slacking on the blog, so now that I have a little free time, here's my quintessential list for June/July.

Yuksek - Living On The Edge Of Time

Coincidentally the last time I did a post on new albums in mid 2009, Yuksek had just released his album Away From Sea, which I included in the list then.

Living On The Edge Of Time is definitely front runner for my album of the year. Its unexpected and amazingly executed. There are few albums by dance producers that sound like legitimate albums... just so happens that most of them are by french dance producers. Yuksek falls in that category.

Friendly Fires - Pala

I'm gonna be completely honest here, I really didn't like FF's first record. I even remember making a comment on Twitter about how I didn't care to watch them at Good Vibes a couple years back cause I thought they were boring. Well all that has changed with Pala. I've become pretty much obsessed with this album and Paul Epworth, the producer behind many of my favourite songs from the album. As a producer, this is one of those albums that is intimidating to me on a production level. Lose "Hawaiian Air" and "Helpless" and it'd be flawless.

Big Sean - Finally Famous

One of the better rap albums in recent memory, minus the Kanye album. Finally Famous is basically the album Drake should have made, or the album J. Cole should be making. Big Sean follows the classic formula of making a great album - work with one amazing producer for majority of an album. No ID really delivered here.


I don't know one person who doesn't love "Wildfire", the collab between SBTRKT and Little Dragon and first single from his self titled album. The album is somewhat genre-less yet super UK centric bouncing around from post dubstep to 2 step to indie pop back to garage and so on. Definitely some gems here.


Travis Lee said...

Just bought FF's & SBTRKT. Thanks bro. I'm really diggin the mixes on 'Pala'....crazy. ps. I hope u've seen the 'Wildfire' RMX live w/ Drake @ Rap-up, that shit is dope.

FUEGO said...

i haven't seen that but the remix is great too!