Monday, August 20, 2012


I wouldn't be surprised if the traffic for this blog has all but disintegrated by now as we've barely shown it any love in the past few months. Ultimately not having the time to post is a good thing cause it means we're busy working on exciting new shit, but on the flip side we have no time to tell anyone about it. 

Figured while I'm sitting here bouncing out session files for the mixing of Diafrix's forthcoming album, I'd post up some of the new shit we've been involved in.

The above picture is just a few of the plaques EMI had made for us. So proud of everything 60 and the Falling & Flying project has achieved. "Boys Like You" is now 4x platinum with the album closing in on 2x platinum and "Child" recently also going platinum amongst other milestones.

Seth Sentry - Float Away (video)

"Float Away" was the first song Seth and I worked on for his forthcoming album. It was a pretty straight forward process and we kinda knew we had something special from the first session. We wrote another 2 songs for the album. You can pre-order it here

Diafrix - Helicopter (Star Slinger Remix)

Illusive managed to nab a Star Slinger remix for the new Diafrix tune that Wax Motif and I worked on. Check it out!

360 - Run Alone ('96 Bulls Revisit)

I knew while I was making "Run Alone" with 60 that I'd potentially go on to do a remix or an edit for it. When it came time for EMI to put together a remix package and release it as a single I told Scott Horscroft that it needed a Bulls remix and we made it happen!

360 - Run Alone (video)

6th single from Falling & Flying. The video is cool, maybe a little too similar to previous videos but its the SIXTH single so fuck it! haha. 

More to come...


Travis Lee said...

Great job bro! Real inspiration, you keep me hungry & working hard. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Im still here Fuego, keep em coming

FUEGO said...

cheers lords!