Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CARTER III BREAKS A MILLIE are reporting that Tha Carter III has officially cracked the million sales mark in its first week of release. Its the first album to do this since The Massacre in 2005.

Catch the full article here

Lets not forget 50 sold 1.1 mill in a short week but it took him several 'publicity' stunt beefs and some 'associated' involvement in a shooting against rival rapper Game's crew. (That felt so absurd writing that sentence, I'd pretty much erased all this fuckery from my memory)

I think its only fair to compare Weezy's first week sales to that of Britney (1.3), Backstreet Boys (1.1 & 1.6), N'Sync (2.4 & 1.9) & Eminem (1.7), all who achieved enormous first weeks without publicity stunts and the general hip hop fuckery.

Official Soundscan numbers will be released later today I'm guessing. have the story also

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