Sunday, September 28, 2008


So what the presidential debate took place, I missed it due to the worst hangover in the southern hemisphere on Saturday. Friday night was the drunken Love Lockdown debate, it seemed far more important than that other debate. This is what came from our great debate:

* There's a mixed vibe around the table of Ye's intentions with "Love Lockdown". No one besides Biz has much admiration for it.

* Talk of second single and needing at least 2-3 months lead in time to release a major label album. I point out its less than 40 days til November.

* Was "Love Lockdown" made intentionally to spark the debate it has?

* We realise we may have played into Ye's web. People are getting more drunk and emotional.

* Weez ups the wager from $20 to $50 on our bet for an 'actual' december release of 808s & Heartbreak. I say no release, he says yes release.

Then I got online last night and I saw that "Love Lockdown" has debuted @ #3 on the Billboard Top100 with 218,000 downloads. Ye's highest ever single debut. Now radio has to play it, even if they weren't sure about it before and I might have to start saving my pocket money.

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St Flames said...

it's abhorrent. my $0.02.