Saturday, October 04, 2008


Name a mofo cooler than P-Thugg.

From Billboard:

Electro-pop duo Chromeo will head back to the studio in November to begin recording the follow-up to its 2007 album, "Fancy Footwork."

"It's important to establish consistency and follow up as quickly as possible," group member Dave 1 told Billboard last night (Oct. 2) before the band's sold-out show at New York's Webster Hall. "For the new record, we want to fine-tune what we have, and experiment with adding vocal harmonies and things like that."

Chromeo released its last two records on Vice, but remain mum on whether the new disc will come out on same label.

The band is also planning on collaborating with French fashion house Surface to Air to design a number of clothing pieces. "I'm going to do a varsity jacket and a hoodie, and Dave is going to do a Western shirt and a jacket," group member P-Thugg said. "We're going to create pieces that match our style."

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