Thursday, November 27, 2008


I heard 808's and Heartbreak for the first time on Tuesday and while I didn't exactly enjoy the entire album, I must admit there are some captivating moments ("Welcome To Heartbreak", "Heartless", "Bad News). I know its almost cliche to say, but like many others I kept thinking, "If only the vocals were different".

Weez and I were discussing the opportunity that awaits any great up & coming vocalists when the instrumentals of 808's and Heartbreak surface online. Imagine if a young Musiq Soulchild or D'Angelo covered songs from the album, with alil more attention to detail and tightened vocal arrangements, how powerful the album could truly be.

I'm sure we're not the first to discuss this concept and there may well be hundreds or thousands of singers plotting to breakthrough by doing the above and if so, I can't wait to hear the ones that interpret the songs correctly.

Related: 808's and Heartbreak is on track for 450-500k first week, while Guns 'N Roses trail at 300k give or take and Luda & The Killers duke it out for 3rd both with around 200k. Wow wasn't I mis-guided in thinking Guns 'N Roses could sell 900k. Chinese Democracy sure ain't no Black Ice. Good luck re-couping that $10 mil fellas.

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