Sunday, December 21, 2008

Favourite Fan-Service Clip: Xanadu vs Lifelike

This is pretty much my favourite Fan-Service clip at the moment. Lifelike: So Electric Vs Xanadu. It pretty much lays my taste in all things entertainment on the table, I dig Retro!!! Mostly 80's. If you don't dig the steez of Moroder or DiCola this will be far from entertaining to you. If you do....RAD!!! It's ya boy Zac-hayse!!! Holla!!!

While I'm on the Fan-Service Tip, here are some other favourites I've come to adore over time.

The Incredible Star Wars Kid vs Star Wars vs The Bee Gees.

The Amazing Jimmy Kimmel vs Sesame Street


The Sensational Bert & Ernie vs M.O.P

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