Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yelle Returning To Melbourne!!!

The French electro-dance-steez band/group Yelle is set to return to Melbourne in Feb 09 for the cities leg of the Good Vibration tour. I dont get juiced up for much, but i for one can't wait for this gig in particular. Their album POP-UP (released late 07) hasn't left my ipod since i "acquired" it. "Je veux te voir" is pretty much THE BOMB!!! While POP-UP as a whole is a diamond in the rough among recent dance-pop style albums. Its ya boy Zac-Hayse!!! Holla!!!

"Je veux te voir"

This girls got steez!!!

"Ce Jeu"

My favourite track on the album. Radical yet Odd.

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FUEGO said...

i get what you're saying about duran duran now..