Wednesday, December 03, 2008


It seems that every blog or news page today is trying to pin-point what to attribute Kanye and Axl Rose's poor sales to. I don't know about you but I'm with Idolator, maybe people just don't care for either album? I mean The Killers (109K) and Ludacris (213K) both sold close to expected numbers and Britney's new long-player Circus is on track to superscede early predictions of around 300k by alot this week. Not to mention, The Killers beat out Chinese Democracy for the #1 spot in the UK and Kanye failed to even make the Top10. This leaves me to believe the 'economy' excuse is entirely void. Blogs cared, consumers didn't.

With all that said, I sincerely thought Chinese Democracy was in a for a far bigger week than 255k. the album was expected to debut anywhere between 500k and 785k. Then again, what were they thinking with a BestBuy exclusive?

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