Monday, January 05, 2009


While "Heartless", "Just Dance" & "Single Ladies" currently control Rhythmic radio and continue to move north, I've prepared a list of songs that I believe will take us into February and well beyond.

1. Ne-Yo - Mad

With "Miss Independent" sitting at #5 on the Rhythmic chart but losing steam, its time for Ne-Yo's third single "Mad" to make its move into top 10 territory. "Mad" in my opinion, is one of his best solo records to date. Its currently sitting @ #16 up 200+ spins from last week. Watch for it to enter the Top 40 Mainstream chart in early Feb.

2. Mims - Move

It was pretty much impossible to avoid Mims' huge breakout hit "This Is Why I'm Hot" back in 06/07, but I don't think anyone expected to hear much from him after that. He had a moderately successful follow-up single in "Like This" and a #4 debut with his album Music Is My Savior, although the album felt like it was rush released in an effort to capitalise off the success of "This Is Why I'm Hot" and subsequently quickly exited the Top 50.

"Move" is the first single from Mims forthcoming sophomore album Guilt. I think the record has great club potential and that will help it become a hit at radio over the next couple months.

3. The Dream - Rockin That Shit

I was becoming slightly worried with Dream's capability to follow up his incredible 07/08 run of hit singles until "Single Ladies" and "Rockin' That Shit" surfaced. I'm a believer again. "Rockin That Shit" will undoubtably become a radio smash, at least at Rhythmic radio if nothing else.

4. Keri Hilson Ft Lil Wayne - Turning Me On

I wasn't sure about this joint at first but I love it now. It doesn't sound like something that would traditionally fit into the radio's current playlist's but neither did "A Milli". I say its a hit.

"Energy" was a misstep, imo. It was a good song but not for Keri. We need that creative oddball Keri we've grown to love through her songwriting and features. "Turning Me On" hits the nail on the head.

5. T.I. Ft JT - Dead & Gone

What can I say, T.I. & JT collaborate for T.I.'s third single while his first two singles remain in the Top 10?! This one wont be any different. Wait until the video drops later this week.

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