Wednesday, January 14, 2009


After hearing Em's recently leaked return single "Crack A Bottle", I think the question on most peoples minds was; "Is this song the right single choice to re-ignite his career?"

Well, according to its reception at Rhythmic Radio, I'd say its safe to assume the answer to that question is yes.

The DJ Khalil Dr. Dre produced "Crack A Bottle" jumped from a #505 position to #39 this week on the aforementioned chart, with the greatest gain in spins (+846) aside from Kanye's number one bound "Heartless"(+923).

I'm still unsure if its a Top 5 radio single, but then again I didn't expect "A Milli" to perform so well at radio either.

On a slightly related note, it gives me great pleasure to FINALLY see Kid Cudi/Crookers "Day N Nite" make its long overdue and well deserved debut into a Top 40 radio chart stateside. It is currently at #36 on the Rhythmic Chart. Watch this song do big things over the next three months. With abit of hope it may even change the culture of the 'rap remix' back to something exciting. Fingers crossed.

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