Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I don't really care that the dudes vocals are a little rough around the edges, he's admitted himself that he's a songwriter/musician first and not the most talented vocalist.

I just appreciate that he is ABLE to perform a nice acoustic version of his own song. Put any artist currently in the Top 10 in front of a piano and ask them to perform their hit single ... besides Jamie Foxx and Lady Gaga, I bet none of them could even tell you what key its in.

I've been saying "Birthday Sex" was on its way to being the biggest song in the US for the past couple months and this week its the most added song at Rhythmic radio, currently sitting at #7 and the Greatest Gainer on the Billboard Top 100 up 10 spots to #13.

Shoutout to RAWsession ... what they're doing is fantastic

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