Sunday, July 05, 2009


Rock City continue the unofficial "Put The Fucking Album Out" album/mixtape series with Independence Day

Rock City - PTFAO - Independence Day


1. Intro
[Prod. By Varsity Squad]

2. Feel So Good
[Prod. By The Nazty One]

3. Can I Get On
[Prod. By The Hipnotiks]

4. I Know
[Prod. By BKS For G Productions]

5. I Tell Her
[Prod. By Ghost]

6. Summer Song Feat. Verse
[Prod. By Tommy Gunnz For The Trafficker Management]

7. Homies, Lovers & Friends Feat. Lyric
[Prod. By The Hipnotiks]

8. Do It Slow Feat B.O.B.
[Prod. By B.O.B]

9. Beg For Mercy
[Prod. By The Hipnotiks]

10. Rep V.I.
[Prod. By Benny Hayes]

11. When I Get On Feat. Akon
[Prod. By Akon]

12. Rebel
[Prod. By Maddscientist]

13. We Do It To Survive
[Prod. By The Hipnotiks]

14. In And Out of Traffic
[Prod. By The Nazty One]

15. Mary Jane (La La La La)
[Prod. By Skrapp]

16. Keeping Me Up
[Prod. By The Miltikit]

17. Ridin Musik
[Prod. By Benny D.]

18. Our Story
[Prod. By R. City]

19. You Are (Bonus)
[Prod. By The Jugganauts]

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