Saturday, September 26, 2009


Despite Birdman's continued, long standing (and to me at least, hilarious) campaigning for the title of Worst Rapper Evar, I like this record.

The main thing to note here is, Money To Blow features the Drake, "I'm on my Disney shit, Goofy flow, on records I'm Captain Hook and my new car is Rufio" verse that Wayne spontaneously performed at the 2008 VMA's before yelling "Drizzy Drake I love you!", a good six months before the So Far Gone / 'Best I Ever Had' buzz frenzy.

From the Fader cover story on Drake last month....

That namecheck was the only clue to most attendees that Wayne had just blatantly violated the unwritten rules of his own freestyle game by spitting another artist’s words..... it was a coronation moment rarely seen in the arena of rap, and with one verse, Wayne introduced the name of his protégé to the mainstream in dramatic fashion..... the lines sparked a fierce debate over whether Drake was in fact ghostwriting for the master (he and Wayne both still claim he never has), but by the time the rap blog drama blew over, one thing seemed clear: Drake was the next big thing, heir apparent to Wayne’s multi-platinum throne and Young Money’s most likely flagship artist.

Birdman featuring Drake & Lil Wayne - Money to Blow (Mediafire)

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