Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Intro Featuring DJ Felli Fell [00:48:64 ]
Carry Out Featuring Justin Timberlake [03:52:35 ]
Loosing Control Featuring JoJo [04:27:60]
Meet In The Middle Featuring Brand'Nu [04:00:65]
Say Something Featuring Drake [ 04:00:69]
Tomorrow In A Bottle featuring Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback) & Sebastian [05:27:62]
We Belong To The Music featuring Miley Cyrus [04:27:30]
The Morning After Dark Featuring Nelly Furtado & Soshy [03:51:72]
If We Meet Again Featuring Katy Perry [04:52:52]
Can You Feel It Featuring Sebastian [04:44:11]
Ease Off The Liquor [05:58:28]
Undertow featuring The Fray [04:21:40]
Timothy Featuring Jet [04:46:68]
Long Way Down featuring Daughtry [04:23:07]
Marching featuring On Onerepublic [04:11:58]
The One I Love Featuring Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, & D.O.E. [04:34:04]
Symphony feat. Attitude & Bran’Nu [04:21:06]

I gotta say I'm quite excited for the songs in bold, but there sure is a lot of bullshit, mainstream as it gets features on here.

I LOVED the first Shock Value. It was trend setting to say the least. Not quite sure Part 2 will deliver...

Tracklist courtesy of TimbalandBuzz

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