Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Imagine how painstakingly cool it would have been to compile something like the Top 50 Dunks of All Time (or any of Complex's EPIC Top Everything of the 00's lists). Seriously, go them.

Whilst the Top 10 is pretty predictable - Vinsanity's Olympic High Jump Medal, Tom Chambers teabagging Mark Jackson, Shawn Kemp being Shawn Kemp - it was this piece of magic from Pip (landing at #4) that I felt warranted a re-post.

I've always wanted to know what Scottie said to Chewing when he was standing over him to get that flagrant. It certainly wasn't pleasant. While I am at it, is it just me or did it seem like "flagrants" were handed out a lot more back then? Or have I watched too many highlights of 90's Bulls/Knicks playoffs?


FUEGO said...

i swear pippen may have been the originator of "tell me how my ass taste"... someone should ask Patrick about it

CWD said...

that was fucking badass