Wednesday, March 24, 2010


With the kid from Endeavour Hills having a breakout year, his Bucks surprising everyone by suddenly becoming a serious Round 1 playoff threat (Salmons!) and The Sports Guy even gushing over him and his Squad 6 fan club, things are looking mighty fucking great for Andrew Bogut right now. Plus dude loves some X & Hell apparently.

So its kinda cool that he was chosen to rep Australia in these series of FIBA World Championships ads, alongside Kobe and a bunch of other NBA foreigners. Lets hope he and Patty Mills can combine for some sort of showing in Turkey in August.

Not to mention that a video of him giving himself some dap after making a free throw has 600,000+ views!

...and he does shit like this....

...and this...

...and anyone that puts Baby Davis on his ass like that, Aussie or not, is okay with us.

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