Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Although I didn't manage to make a placement on the new Danity Kane album, its still one of my most anticipated albums of '08 and from what i've heard on Making The Band this season, it excites me. As does this picture above!

"Welcome to the Dollhouse" is out March 18th, but I'm sure we'll see the leak early next week. If this little diddy rock is indicative of the albums overall sound, I'm sure you wont be hearing me playing much else for the next month.


Matt said...

Can't have everything.. Yet =)

I think we're gonna be hearing a few singles off this album, and if they're anything like Ride For You from the last album, they're gonna be some bangers

Weez said...

hahaha "Yet" - exactly!

Matt, have you been checking Making the Band? EP 6 should be up today sometime...

FUEGO said...

You mean Episode 7? I think the skipped ep got you mixed up.

I'm still looking for ep 5 .. of course we miss the joint where they go in with danja. aids.

Matt said...

Damn.. Danja tracks =)

I don't get to watch to much Tv, so no, i haven't seen much..