Thursday, April 17, 2008


Now that the NBA Regular Season is finished, (Phx played their bench today and beat Portland, The NZ guy had 16, haha!) the discussion and debate starts on the 2007-2008 MVP, Kobe
or CP3?!?

OK, so Kobe has never won an MVP and he's pretty much the best player in the league in what has been one of the most exciting seasons of NBA basketball in history, plus he has completely turned around since the 'trade' fuckery late last year and pulled his team together for the best record in the Western (57-25). Awesome. But:

CP is 22, third year in, stat-wise he's the best all-round point guard in the league, and he's managed to lead his team to the second best record in the West (56-26), not to mention N.O. was completely displaced last season with their split home schedule and didn't even make the playoffs.

If Steve Nash is awarded MVP for making his team better and being an all round good canadian, then I'd expect that same logic to be applied this year to Chris Paul, minus the canada thing. He's playing the same role and achieving the same results as Nash did, but with more swag, imo. Technically theres not much seperating CP & Kobe in this battle, but I feel like it would be an injustice if CP missed out after what he's done this past season. Kobe bitched and moaned at the beginning of the season, talked shit about Bynum (who became one of the most exciting players in the league before being injured), and was thrown a bone with Paul Gasol going to LA.

If people are screaming 'novelty' by giving the MVP to CP, then I'm screaming the same back with the suggestion of giving it to Kobe just because he's never been MVP.

My vote goes to CP3

PHOENIX vs SAN ANTONIO .. first round, I really hope SA get annihilated and sent home. Thats all.

These Jordan 5 PE Chris Paul joints are insanely rad. Pity they will never see the light of day in stores.

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