Monday, April 14, 2008


Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah

Not a whole lot to report this week as far as the Billboard Albums Charts goes. I think me and Weez will have to have some kind of wager on the first week Mariah numbers. Her album E=MC2 is out April 15th. I'm predicting in the neighbourhood of 500-550.. but I guess it could go alil higher depending on her TV appearances and TV personality endorsements over the next week. I'm not crazy about the album or the first single at all but that's just me.

Looks like Weezy is going to have a nice lil #1 at Rhythmic Radio next week. "Lollipop" moved up 5 places from #9 to #4 last week with a gainer of 1311. Usher remains at #1 with around 6900 spins a week.. Ray J/Yung Berg's shit sandwhich may have one week at #1 before "Lollipop" steals their thunder. "Lollipop" has also just entered the Mainstream 40 charts with a pretty strong gainer of 500, so it looks like Wayne is going to have a strong lead up to his album release if the song doesn't get over exposed before then, or if the album doesn't get pushed back again. hmm. He better have a dope 2nd single choice. Finally, Pittsburg artist Wiz Khalifa seems to have a blog/internets powered hit on his hands with "Say Yeah" which looks to be moving slowly but surely with 177 plus spins sitting at #36. I can see this joint sticking around for a minute.

Onto the Billboard Hot 100; I'm still completely enamoured by Leona Lewis' success stateside. "Bleeding Love" is #2 .. Speaking of that, can someone tell me if Jesse McCartney really did co-write it with Ryan Tedder? or is that a media thing his team created to put him in a Justin Timberlake/Dream/Ne-Yo realm? Eitherway Tedders upcoming royalty statement should have alot of zero's. "Lollipop" is #4 with a sales gainer, will probably see it at #1 once it starts moving up Mainstream 40 Radio and Leona & Mariah drop off.

Thats all for today .. Oh, back home I've got two top 40 chart positions this week with Cristian Alexanda's single "Too Fine" currently sitting at #38 and Mr G's "Naughty Girl" at #17. Sweet.

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