Wednesday, April 23, 2008


No surprises here, Mariah Carey’s new Island/IDJ album, E=MC2, is this weeks number 1.

E=MC2 comes in with first-week sales of 475k, apparently her highest first week numbers ever. I was pretty on point with my predictions. I'd be pissed if I were one of the 475k that bought this album expecting something great or new from Mariah. Lets just say I was thoroughly disappointed.

J RecordsLeona Lewis did 90k, after last week’s #1 debut.

Next week we have Ashlee Simpson's Timbo (Royal Court/KingLogan/Jim Beanz)/Chad Hugo creation Bittersweet World. I'm kinda looking forward to this based on its production/songwriting credits.

At Rhythmic Radio this week"Lollipop" (#3) is just about to push Usher's Garageband Song & Ray J's doo-doo sandwhich out of the top spot. "Lollipop" is also #2 @ Billboard Hot 100. Once it moves up into the top 10-15 @ Mainstream 40 Radio, Weezy will most likely experience his first ever #1 single. Meanwhile Leona Lewis holds the #1.

Danity Kane's "Damaged" is within the top 20 @ Mainstream Radio & Hot 100. I'm gonna leak the FUEGO remix on y'all soon. 2step?!?

Note to radio programmers: Please stop playing C-Side/Keyshia Cole - BF/GF. Is it not apparent that this is quite possibly the worst song ever made? Keyshia, I love you but seriously, You've made two pretty good albums with some excellent songs, I'm positive you know the difference between good songwriting and this display of cliche followed by cliche .. This song is what happens when you read How To Make A Hit Rap/R&B Song 101.

Thats all for this week ..

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